Happy birthday my boy

This site became my best friend since it has no mouth to talk against my thoughts and most importantly i do not have to listen to it.
this is the letter that i would like to write for your very first birthday.
My sweet heart,
It is 5 o'clock in the morning and the alarm is ringing signaling your papa to go and attend his duty. But your father always wanted to spend more times possible with you especially the night before your birthday and wanted to hug you till the sun rises and  pray for your long life to the god together looking at the sun.
Most of the time we the man are forced to fulfill our duty. For that very reason I could not sleep near you till the sun rises and I had to come to the school for my duty. But don't you worry my son, Your papa has been praying for the whole day for your good and healthy life.


I too wish happy birth day to your little son sir.


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