Happy birthday my boy

This site became my best friend since it has no mouth to talk against my thoughts and most importantly i do not have to listen to it.
this is the letter that i would like to write for your very first birthday.
My sweet heart,
It is 5 o'clock in the morning and the alarm is ringing signaling your papa to go and attend his duty. But your father always wanted to spend more times possible with you especially the night before your birthday and wanted to hug you till the sun rises and  pray for your long life to the god together looking at the sun.
Most of the time we the man are forced to fulfill our duty. For that very reason I could not sleep near you till the sun rises and I had to come to the school for my duty. But don't you worry my son, Your papa has been praying for the whole day for your good and healthy life.

Life is Nothing but a Moving Scenario outside a Fast-moving Car.

Some years from nowadays, I would be sitting together with my grandchildren re-counting about, how their grandpa was once upon a time. Many a times I was told by some of the elder people jokingly, “son please do not learn to become old.” Occasionally I as a blameless little boy use to wonder, ‘do we actually need to learn to become old.’ I have read many stories about the people becoming old instantly. I have also watched many movies where the characters fetching old and dying. I have also eavesdropped many religious discourse where the evangelists said ‘our life is not everlasting.’

When I watched the movies and saw all the above mentioned things then I was told by some of the elders that these are not the facts and they also said that these are all the fictions. But when I attended the religious discourse I was told by myself that elder ones who were born first should be the first to die. I knew that everyone of us must die, but on our own terms.

Now I grasp that I was misguided. I was a young and a charming young and handsome cute boy has turned to a bearded, wrinkled man. I now recognize that we are all subjected to death but we are also not specified the chance to die on our own rapports. Now the passage of the time I cry to myself and beg to the god death is convinced but grant us one thing that is let us all be born as a human and let there be no miseries to all the emotional beings.

Teaching "A restricted profession".

Sonam! "What is ambition?" asked one of my teachers when I was a kid. Without any hesitation. I said, Teacher.  For that my teacher did not say anything to me and instead turned away from me. I could not say anything and I felt little bit neglected during that time since he complemented on every students' ambition. I could not really understood, what made him turn away from me. Everybody in the class remained silent.

Now after many years of my suffering in educating myself, I am finally rewarded with the gold that I wished for many years ago. Teachers really need to be the one who can really take the blames from the every corner of the world. Just to share an example, if the other civil servant goes out in the public and does the gambling, then no body would notice them. But think that person is a teacher, forget about the alliterate ones even the ones who are having the great respect in the society would start to blame the teachers.
We are all living in the Buddhist society and we all simply tell that no one on the earth is the enlightened one. the teachers also would to do what others does. Just in case if you demand me to give an example I will. 
During 2013 winter vacation I happen to get an opportunity to escort the students from my school for the national level sports meet held at Punakha Dzongkhag. I was happy to meet so many friends of mine from the collage days. Since I was a silent killer my friends had no idea that I use to smoke. One evening just after all the programmes I was in the toilet, and in that I could hear the sounds of the footsteps approaching me. I remained in silence, but because of the smell he could discover me out. From that day on I found that many of the teachers were same like me, but the problem with all of us was without knowing the other side of the coin we were simply blamed.

Trouble in the Paradise.

Who is unaware of the most famous saying, “teaching is the noblest profession”.  But who has dared to step into the shoes of the people who are taking the noblest profession.
I am going to share this, not because I am a teacher and I want to defend my profession, I am sharing this because I love to do what I do and I want to let others know what is like to step in to the paradise.
There are no parents on the world who actually wants to spoil their kids. Teachers are always regarded as the second parents. For that no teacher want to show their students the wrong path. We also know that the school is an institution whereby many students come and want to shape their future in the most desirable way. We the human beings are all alike and some of the humans would love to abide by the system by listening to others, but there are some who would love to abide by the system only when told by others. We the teachers are encountering different learners.  For that we are forced to use different strategies with the different students. I hope you understood what I mean.
I this case I am really dishearten to hear and see that the reward for this is either imprisonment or withholding of the promotion. For that I would like to cite an example that every Bhutanese citizens are aware of. “The principal of one of the schools was imprisoned for three months correcting a student using an alternative.
We know that there are many rights and protections for the children against the teachers, but there is a big question that we all need to ask ourselves. Where is the right and the protection for the teachers? On the other hand we are talking about the quality of education, but if this is the reward for the teachers, then we will have to compromise the quality of education.

I am sorry because, my writing went little bit of biased, because these are the facts.

The things that i will write from now on.............

Ever since I was a kid, I was very fascinated by the writings that I have encountered from different writers.  I have been thinking to write like some of my ideal writers. but I was also not very sure to whom should I write. Now with the modern facilities and the guidance from some of my critical friends I think I have known the best place and found the perfect audiences to write.
I came across many people asking about my mother tongue during my school days. For that without any hesitation I used say "English".  when I said that,  sometimes I was laughed at by some of my friends, Now only I can say why actually they laughed at me. Writing something in my so called mother tongue is not a piece of cake. Still than i would like to give my best shots.